Deaf Ears

I had to move mountains to get to this place, but here I am. I am on cycle day six, well into my first round of Letrozole. I fought three battles to get here.


  1. Initially they wanted me to wait 6 weeks post-miscarriage to run the RPL panel. I fought back on this front that if the issue is ovulation, the RPL panel is irrelevant. My doctor finally agreed.
  2. The only two tests the doctor insisted on were karyotyping and genetic carrier testing. My karyotyping took FOREVER; I literally got the results Wednesday afternoon, which is the day I needed to start the Letrozole. They were normal. I rushed into the office at 4 pm, bearing hot chocolate chip cookies and begging for an ultrasound. I succeeded.
  3. My genetic carrier testing yielded, in retrospect, an unsurprising result: I am a carrier for deafness. My mother has extremely poor hearing. This is not an issue for me, but it is an issue for my RE. He insisted on “genetic counseling” before any medication. We paid $325 to hear a genetic counselor explain how genetics work, as if we were in fifth grade. She explained the risks. We got it. She pushed hubby to get tested. We said we were okay with risks and didn’t want him to get tested. She pushed and pushed. We defended our decision. Finally she gave in, and allowed us to sign a waiver. We understand that we have about a 3% chance of having a child with hearing loss, and we will take our chances.

Three hard battles won, and I am feeling victorious.

Grow little follies, grow. Please.


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