I am just stunned. Floored, really. Science!

I dutifully took my Letrozole on CD3-7. It was fairly uneventful – a mild headache on CD5 was about the worst of it. I was instructed to take an OPK on CD9, and I did, though frankly I thought that was a bit silly. I always ovulate on CD 21. It’s clockwork. Surely these little pills won’t change that!

On CD9 it was negative. On CD10 I got a blaring positive. I double checked with a digital OPK and got a peak smiley. Holy smokes! This is so early! Is my lining thick enough? Is an egg mature enough?

I hurried to my RE who did an ultrasound. I have a big, ripe, lovely 19mm follie on my right ovary. I also have a 10mm, two 12mms, and 4 8 mms. I have really responded well to the drugs, and it’s ideal to have one mature egg. My lining is about 8 mm, which is thin, but viable. My doctor said I have too many follies to trigger (we risk OHSS or multiples), so the plan is wait to ovulate naturally and keep things spicy in the bedroom 🙂

Today is CD11 and I don’t think I’ve ovulated yet. My doctor predicted it would be Friday (tomorrow). While CD12 is on the early side, it’s not crazy early, and I’ve clearly got a mature follicle.

In other news, I finally got my lab work back. Everything looks good, except my AMH is crazy high – 10.94. This means I have an excellent ovarian reserve, but also most likely indicates PCOS. All the pieces are starting to come together, which is helpful. I feel like I have a grasp of what was causing the early miscarriages, and, hopefully how to prevent them.

Please work, magical little pills. Please bring me a tiny miracle.


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