All we’re hoping for

Today, I am pregnant.

I had almost given up. I tested starting at what I thought was 8 dpo, up until 12 dpo. That night I got into bed without taking progesterone, ready to let my body move on. I lay coldly under the covers, shivering, trying failingly to sleep, but a tinge of doubt crept into my mind. Maybe just one more day?

I got out of bed and took the progesterone.

In the morning, I watched in wonder as a line began to appear. Thinking perhaps I had line eyes, I took Moose out for a walk. When I returned, there was a clear line. Holy hell.

This morning, the line was MUCH darker:


Today, I am pregnant.

We’ll go day by day now, cautiously, falteringly, delicately. We’ll try not to hope too much as – secretly – it’s all we’re really hoping for.


3 thoughts on “All we’re hoping for

  1. This is the best news! Praying so hard for you!!! Congratulations, this looks like a sticky one!!! šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„


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