15 weeks! And the gender is…

I’ve known since I found out that I was pregnant that I’m carrying a little girl. I said it to my husband, and I’ve said it all along, and I was right: it’s a┬áhealthy baby girl, with low odds of all chromosomal abnormalities. She is perfect.

baby toes

In my humble opinion, she has beautiful, long legs and the most precious little toes ever made.

I’m cruising into 15 weeks, and I feel wonderful. I’ve had very little nausea, and a high energy level through the entire pregnancy. I’m still not showing, though my breasts have decided it’s time to suddenly double in size. I’m still doing advanced yoga, and jogging, and working my demanding job. I feel totally normal, with maybe a slightly increased appetite.

Mostly, I’m just ogling tutus and mini ballet slippers and dreaming of pink frilly things…


And feeling so incredibly grateful.